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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Caitlin Richards Caitlin Richards
Great drive.
Andy is an amazing driving instructor . He's extremely patient, taking time to explain and help correct mistakes. He's also extremely friendly and has helped to reduce my nervousness behind the wheel. What ive really valued is his ability to thoroughly explain different aspects of driving which has helped me to gain confidence and pass my test. Thank you Andy.

Jared DelbridgeJared Delbridge
1st time pass with L.D.C.
I thought Andy was a fantastic instructor and very insightful for his knowledge and experience. I found the LDC workbook very helpful for guiding me on the questions in the test and for helping to visualise the actions needed as a driver.

Hanzen Medoza-HurstHanzen Medoza-Hurst
Passed 1st time
I was a very nervous driver. Andy has been so patient, he kept my nerves under control by keeping the lesson fun. I've been with 3 instructors and none of them made me feel like i can drive. Thank you so much Andy !!!πŸ˜ƒ

Humza AhmedHumza Ahmed
Great drive
Andy was very supportive throughout my driving lessons and even more so on the day of the test. When learning he uses helpful analogies which guide you in the right direction. He is a great instructor.

Georgina FisherGeorgina Fisher
Passed 1st time
I couldn't recommend Andy enough ! He really took his time to put me at ease which i was feeling stressed and we always had a laugh. His patients and encouragement really is the reason i stuck with it. He helped me become a more confident driver from starting off very anxious. He is always positive and i never thought id be able to pass and i did first time! BEST INSTRUCTOR EVERπŸ˜ƒ THANK YOU

Samuel beanSamuel bean
Passed 1st time
My experience with Andy has been brilliant! He greatly helped me build my confidence and work thoroughly on areas to ensure when it comes to test time I was calm, confident and capable. Passed first time.

Kimberley FieldKimberley Field
Zero faults. 1st time pass
I couldn't recommend Andy enough ! Andy has been so patient throughout and his expertise and guidance has been like no other. I came to Andy from another instructor and could tell the difference staight away in his knowledge, experience and it showed in my rapid progression. Ive done an intensive coarse with Andy and passed with no faults in less than 2 weeks ! If you are serious about passing and being a confident and safe driver, Andy's guidance along with the LDC workbook will give you all you need to drive confidently. Andy was always happy to answer my questions and his encouragement really helped improve my skills. Our lessons were always enjoyable and I'll never forget Andy's metaphors , tips and stories when im driving.πŸ™‚

Sulaiman AhmedSulaiman Ahmed
Zero faults. 1st time pass
Andy is a very good instructor and ensured every area of my driving was perfect and performed with confidence. He also taught how to correct mistakes very well by using examples. The LDC workbook was useful in tracking my progress and remembering what i needed to improve in the next lesson.

Lucy BoultonLucy Boulton
1st time pass
I have been trying to learn to drive since 2017 and have had 5+ instructors but i have never felt more comfortable and confident in the car as i do with Andy. I would recommend him to anyone especially nervous/extremely anxious drivers like me. He is so patient and reminds you when you are doing well which is great when lacking confidence. All my previous instructors have shouted at me and been extremely critical or pushed me beyond my limits. Andy has always been positive and allowed me to gain confidence at the perfect pace. I never thought i would be able to pass and thanks to him i passed first time. BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER !!!

Kelsey JohnsonKelsey Johnson
Great drive from Kelsey
Andy was incredibly patient with me. I was very nervous for a long time but he gave me all the tools i needed to become confident. I love how he really taught me to drive, not just pass the test. The LDC learning tools really helped understand how to perfect manoeuvres if i was struggling. I would 100% recommend Andy and LDC to anybody to really learn how to be a great driver. Thanks so much.πŸ˜ƒ

Julian HineJulian Hine
Passed 1st time
Felt confident on the test day, mostly due to feeling well prepared. Everything went as Andy had prepared me for including manoeuvres and what to expect such as pulling over multiple times. Andy has excellent communication, lessons/test organised well and you can expect a prompt response from Andy quickly. Andy tailored his teaching and guidance to me, using analogies i would understand. We also had many laughs along the way. Thanks to Andy we worked out a plan and followed it together resulting in a first time pass. Also Andy was very good with squeezing in lessons, often last minute, when i felt i needed them.

Chloe morecroftChloe morecroft
Passed 1st time
From the first lesson full of nerves Andy was patient and comforting. During the course i had many days of lacking motivation but Andy always encouraged me. I had the ability to pass if i put my mind to it. Every lesson was full of laughs and i cannot recommend him enough .

Richard ParkinsonRichard Parkinson
Passed 1st time
Andy was brilliant. Andy was so understanding with my anxiety and helped me through it. Got to know me and guided me through to a pass at my first attempt. I've enjoyed his lessons and company, we've even had a good laugh too. I highly recommend him to any learner. Very pleased.

Ella ParryElla Parry
Passed 1st time
Amazing, patient and kind.

Holly FoskettHolly Foskett
Passed 1st time
As a late learner who had put off driving Andy's friendly and patient approach to teaching was invaluable.He offers a fountain of knowledge and resources to support you from day 1 to test day and provides learning tools/techniques based on your learning needs. To pass first time with 1 minor is testament to his methods and means of getting the best out of you ! Thankyou !

Chloe Jones Chloe Jones
Passed 1st time
Andy has been a great instructor helping me feel at ease, build confidence and gain the skills needed to pass. He has been extremely patient with me as im not the easiest of person to deal with and has adapted and helped me to adapt to every problem we have come across. His teaching methods are thorough and clear. We have had a great deal of laughs and tears throughout lessons and overall i have had a great tome learning with Andy. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who wants to learn to drive.πŸ˜ƒ

Passed 1st time, zero faults
Since day 1 i felt very comfortable with Andy and his teaching was perfect to get me to where i needed. Each class was tailored to what i needed the most and helped me improve and build confidence. Very good and i would recommend it to everyone.

Sam GouleSam Goule
Zero faults. 1st time pass
I found Andy's lessons to be thorough yet effective and i felt a clear sense of progress after each session. I greatly appreciate Andy's willingness to let the lessons run slightly longer when needed and enjoyed having a laugh with him every now and again.

Jody Taylor Jody Taylor
1 minor 7 lessons
I was very nervous to restart my driving lessons after failing a previous test before covid. I really wanted a calm and patient instructor this time and i found that through Andy. He has built up my confidence massively, essentially starting from the basics all the way to reaching test standard. I was continually impressed with the confident progress i was making after every lesson. Recapping what went well and what needed improving so i could fine tune my driving to a point i was not only test ready but calm and confident throughout. I passed my test first time this time around and i can only put it down to my amazing instructor for supporting me through every step of my journey on the road! Thank you so much!!

Soanna khanSoanna khan
Past first time
I found the LDC workbook really useful and Andys encouragement to watch videos on the areas i struggled on. I thought Andy was really helpful, useful for making progress in weak areas, patient and considerate of me not getting something on the first try. I found it good that we went to "harder" areas with lots of hills, rather than following on just the easy areas. The LD system allowed me to learn at a quick and steady pace which calmed my nerves considerably.

Kirk talbotKirk talbot
Past first time
Very patient with my anxious driving. Helped a lot to calm my nerves. Always puntual and responsive in regards to arranging lessons ect. Always had the right information and methods to answer any and all questions. Always approachable and humourous which helped calm my nerves and allowed me to focus on my driving.

Sau Jacob leungSau Jacob leung
Past first time
Excellent driving instructor. Very patient to me and give me valuable feedback towards the end of lesson. Website, videos and all the learning methods are very helpful.

Varun GoelVarun Goel
Past first time
Andy has been an amazing instructor!! He is always patient and calm and i cannot recommend him enough. Andy helped me to develop my confidence as a new driver. He worked through strategies for managing challenging situations and ensured i was well prepared. I passed my test first time. Thanks again Andy.

Osian thomasOsian thomas
Past first time
I was nervous at first and had to delay the test because i wasent ready. Thankfully my instructor helped calm me by doing little exercises. Thank you !πŸ™‚

Past first time
Once again Andy has been amazing! Come and saved me as i had my licence revoked from having 6pts. In my first 2yrs. First lesson in 2020 only had 8 lessons. Now i have had 6 and passed my test first time again!! 2023 Very friendly, good with feedback and always there to reassure! Always good to have as contact as always happy to help. Would definitely recommend to all new learners and returning. 10/10πŸ™‚

Tomos DerrickTomos Derrick
5 stars
Andy has been a fantastic instructor. Always catering lessons to specific needs and helping me work on weaker areas that has given me the ability and confidence to pass my test. The style of teaching in the car and at home was brilliant way to build knowledge out of the car and put into practice on each lesson. I cannot recommend L.D.C. more.

Quintyn MalungaQuintyn Malunga
1 minor
Instructor has helped me progress very well from the start and provided me with many help to do at home. The LDC videos helped me a lot to actually think about what I'm doing whilst I'm driving, which was a major issue but got there in the end. Cheers.

Jenat DhliwayoJenat Dhliwayo
Passed 1st time
Andy was very welcoming for the start. He put me at ease when I would be overwhelmed with my driving- whether that was in practice or outside of practice. Andy did not let my bad habits go a miss, which all my previous instructors have and with that I would not have been able to pass. Thank you so much Andy!! MUCH APPRECIATED πŸ™‚

Alex BartlettAlex Bartlett
Passed 1st time
Amazing driving instructor, would recommend to anyone. Goes really in depth in lessons and irons out any mistakes while keeping you calm at ease.10/10 wouldn't have been able to pass without his help!!

George George
Zero faults. 1st time pass
Andy is the most experienced and amazing driver instructor. I have spent loads on multiple lessons over the years. These past weeks with Andy have been the most didactic. I just completed a test and had zero faults O !! That is because when Andy sees me doing something wrong or not perfect he patiently and kindly asks my thinking process, what I struggle with and works with me through it all in simple and respectful words. E.g. I struggled with clutch and acceleration, so he pulls to a corner, we have a discussion and he let's me play with the revs to have my mind comfortable with it and multiple scenarios with just those pieces. I never had the problem again. I would not only recommend Andy to everyone I know, I would implore them to use his services. Given his breadth of experience and calm demeanour, there is no one else I would trust. What can I say Andy, Thankyou !! for my perfect driving score.

Lowri daviesLowri davies
Passed 1st time
I really enjoyed my lessons with Andy, I found the LDC workbook helpful with the structure of the lessons and with Andy prompting me to think for myself before giving answers was very beneficial. Demonstration of different driving techniques and manoeuvres by Andy was very helpful and catered to all of my learning needs. Couldn't thank Andy enough, had a very good experience overall and will miss my lessons greatly.

Passed 1st time
I had plenty of nerves going into being a new driver but Andy helped with all these nerves by identifying what needed to be done and remained patient throughout. Thankyou for everything.

Passed 1st time
Andy has been an excellent instructor and got me my first time pass. Really patient with repeated faults and knows how to get the best results out of you. Couldn't recommend him enough . He really wants you to succeed and be the best possible driver, not just for your test but in life.

Jack WilsonJack Wilson
Passed 1st time
Andy has been a very patient and thorough instructor over the coarse of my studies with him. I am very happy to have passed first time and do not think the same result would have been achieved with another instructor.

Passed 1st time
Andy catered every lesson towards what I was weak at and also allowed me to structure the lessons depending on what I felt like completing or brushing up on. Andy also explained every lesson topic before doing it in the lesson to increase my confidence. I recommend Andy 100% !!!

Conor corriganConor corrigan
5 stars
I've very much enjoyed doing my driving lessons with Andy, while I was quite nervous he calmed me down consistently and assured I had the correct skills to drive. Even after making quite a serious mistake he was always patient. Instructions were always clear. Thankyou πŸ™‚

Good laughs..πŸ˜‚
My instructor was the most supportive and helpful person. He guided me through my rocky start and pushed me to my highest potential. We had the best laughs even on my worst days even though covid struck many people he still made me laugh and made the lessons fun and safe as possible and I thank him for pushing me and helping me as much as he possibly could. I appreciate everything he has helped me achieve and what a supportive not just an instructor but a good friend he has been. Thank you LDC and Andy..x

Zakriya Ahmed Zakriya Ahmed
Past first time
A brilliant teacher. Andy has the clearest explanations for everything. Helps build confidence and keeps the lesson engaging With his great sense of humour. Andy was very flexible and willing to give up his time to teach me in short notice. He managed to show flaws within my driving and made me test ready extremely quickly.

Bethan Bethan
Zero faults.
My weekly lessons with Andy helped me gain much more confidence with driving and his constant feedback throughout the lessons helped me to pass my test with no faults. The LD system helped me to consolidate what I had learnt in the lessons, helping me to progress quicker.

I feel really happy with my instructor, Much better than my previous. Really satisfied with helping me get to the test standard, highly recommend, really friendly and good explaining.

Swati VpretiSwati Vpreti
5 stars
The lessons given by Andy were excellent. He helped me overcome my weak areas and put me up to a good driving standard in a few lessons. He is very encouraging and friendly and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn good driving and pass the uk driving test.. Thanks Andy!

Maureen BurrowsMaureen Burrows
Passed 1st time
Andy is a very patient and understanding instructor. He's very knowledgeable, knows what he's doing. He is very informative and good at his craft. I passed 1st time. Thank you Andy. Also the LDC workbook helped prepare me on what to expect on my driving lessons and the test.

Alf EntwistleAlf Entwistle
Past first time
Excellent instructor, really friendly and helpful. We managed to get me to pass my test after just 2 weeks of lessons. Sorted out my confidence and bad habits really efficiently. The book and website were really helpful tools.

Tavish SrivasravaTavish Srivasrava
1 minor
Andy was very patient and effective in helping me improve my driving skills. I had quite a few bad habits that I didn't realise and he helped resolving them and hence preparing me for test in perfect rather than only test satisfactory level. I found him to be very accommodating as well as my test was due in just a few weeks, when I asked he quickly got a few slots in even with his busy schedule. After the test I passed with just 1 minor and all credit to Andy highly recommend him as an instructor.

Passed 1st time
Even after 10yrs of driving in another country I've learnt a lot with Andy. He helped me with observations of the road, signs and anticipations. I'm so happy that after 7 lessons I've passed my test!! Andy also recommended me videos and books that helped me a lot to get used to the uk rules.

Tyler KeaneTyler Keane
Past first time
I could not have asked for a better instructor to get me to a good safe level of driving. It was always a minimum expectation to drive at an excellent standard to ensure that I'm as safe as a road user can be. I would recommend Andy to anyone who is in a position where they wanted to learn.

Gurpreet Singh Gurpreet Singh
Passed 1st time
5 stars, Amazing driving skills, learnt a lot with Andy, really helpful excellent skills I have learnt. Andy is very patient and turns up on time. Makes excellent use of the lessons to the full potential and more.

Leah SargentLeah Sargent
Passed 1st time
Andy has helped me massively pass my test first time! From having a last minute instructor change only a week before my test he put every effort into ensuring I passed. He recommended me videos to watch that really helped and explained everything in a way he knew I would understand and if that didn't work he would explain/show me in a different way. Andy made me feel comfortable and confident in myself, even though it must have been difficult as I had learnt bad habits from last instructor. Andy had put a lot of time in for me even when he had a lot of other things to do. I would highly recommend Andy for anyone wishing to pass their test.

Lavinia Lavinia
Found the LDC workbook useful to keep track of what I had covered, what I had yet to do and what I needed more practice. The workbook was also useful for having all the needed info in one place. Andy was the BEST instructor you could ask for. Kind, calming,and very reassuring. He did a perfect job and I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Andy. It was a joy to learn with you!

Rachel conneryRachel connery
My instructor was patient whilst always being thorough to ensure mistakes are recognised and learned from. He focused on being sure and confident on the road as well as just passing the test so you can be sure of yourself after you've passed. I found the LD videos online helpful to explain/recap, prepare which definitely helped my learning. The LD book I found to be less useful as it was less practical. Overall I would definitely recommend learning with Andy. He was always on time and goes the extra mile to help the learner far more so than previous instructor's I've had.

Robbie MorganRobbie Morgan
Past first time
I passed first time with Andy. Andy is an excellent driving instructor and very patient.He would explain things in detail and make sure I understood before carrying on with lesson. I would highly recommend Andy. I couldn't have done it without him. Thank you Andy πŸ™‚ LDC workbook was really helpful its lots of information on there to work with.

Lorena Hendricks
Passed with 1 minor
I got in touch with Andy at the start of the year to do my driving. He was very accommodating and flexible to my schedule and fit me in wherever he could. When I started my lessons I hadn't done my theory yet, his Web site is the only tool I used for it and passed on the first go! It had all the theory study and mock tests ( including hazard perception ). If I was uncertain to any of the questions/areas I'd ask Andy, and he was able to explain it in a way which I was able to understand better. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor who had so much patience and was so friendly all at the same time. I wouldn't think twice to recommend Andy to anyone I know. Half way through my coarse I had already recommended him twice! I passed my practical with 1 minor.

1st time pass
I have just passed my test with Andy. I was really pleased to pass 1st time and within 25hrs of lessons. I would definitely recommend Andy and LDC driving school to anyone who is looking for an instructor. Andy was patient, explained everything well and was always on time for lessons. Thx. again Miley

Jacob daviesJacob davies
1st time pass
Andy was very patient throughout the months he taught me. He taught me to be calm and got the best out of me in general. He also came out of his way to Barry and helped me remain positive after my cancelled driving test. He took me on good driving routes and all at the perfect times so i could build up my confidence. Andy was 10/10 and a top bloke. Would 100% recommend him to anyone for trying to get their license.

passed 1st time 16hrs
My instructor Andy was an amazing person to do my lessons with. He was very patient and after every lesson he would let me know of my progression, what i improved on and what i could improve on in my next lesson. There was a lot of help of Andy. If i needed something explained in more depth he would happily sit down and explain word for word or even draw it on a board for me. There were a lot of options out there, apps, books, ect. After just 16hrs.. 8 lessons i was ready for my test and thanks to Andy passed first time. Was worth every penny.